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On IMVU you have to be careful accepting friend requests, most people who send those do just want to virtual with you and they can actually have their avi jump on you without you saying yes. I'm just saying that its to be expected because 18 and up means that those things are allowed. Girls with naked butts. Imvu naked sex. Well i played it anyways and it was gross.

D hell, i could go on and on bout the diff. Never tried out IMVU. If someone's having fun and not bothering you I don't really see how it's your business how they dress, or how they act when they are hanging with their friends.

And it's not 'dirty', there are just 'dirty' people, on here as well. I prefer, Smallworlds, mostly because I play it. It is really badly made in my opinion and smallworlds is easier to play and much more fun. But IMVU has things on there that kids possibly do and don't know what they are doing. YouTube channel reviews are here! I don't know how else to deal with her. Sexy candy girl costume. People's accounts are constantly getting hacked and the company doesn't do anything about it. Never did, never will. SL is for adults so everything on there will be more sexualized and targeted towards sex.

I tried to do the boob tape and model avi, but the model avi was not there. Tue Jan 27, 2: FA promotes autozoophilia and anthropomorphic animal eroticism which has created a hugbox of acceptance for animal molesting zoophiles zoos. View our privacy policy. And you have to purchase and verify your age to even see Avatars naked. Smallworlds is a lot more kid - friendly than IMVU.

People probably to to IMVU cause you can have sex there Coming from IMVU as of now and seeing someone post a forum about this. You don't like it because you didn't create it. I like smallworlds better, although smallworlds is getting a little boring. As long as you stay in smallworlds Posted February 7, As I said before, there's nothing inherently unsafe about IMVU, and all private information is up to the user to share. Young girl and milf lesbian. If you're a kid or teen user, you need to know you'll face a lot of pressure when you first join to make your avatar look cool, and sometimes people will forget that there is a human with feelings behind the avatar, because they treat imvu as a game.

Personally, i hate IMVU.

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YouTube channel reviews are here!

Never the less, you can only obtain Access Pass by purchase and sending in a photo ID of yourself to their customer service. Horny nude women. I had to remove the link as it showed AP imagery. I do pretty much think I do know bout Imvu.

They have financial backing with family companies such as Wal-Mart, Target, Family Dollar, and other stores that sell their pre-paid cards.

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I tried every website there is. I googled it and on one website it said it stood for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe Sounds like another game I know. Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now. A big site of nothing but a bunch of old people acting like kids or kids acting like adults I also like the fact that you can block children from contacting you, something I wish could be done on here.

It's the life but for u noobz who play imvu oh my life get ur thoughts straight bro tht game is so dirty too much kissing nudity ect. Like skippy said, it's like comparing apples to oranges. Mods don't exist, curse words aren't blocked, and the privacy of people are violated. IMVU runs on a virtual currency called credits. In SL sure I met the same rude people but I really met some nice people in some "Low-traffic world" I got the finest, coolest, more real stuff, that made me stayed at SL.

How can guys last longer during sex? I wish Smallworlds, also made those kind's of clothing. Firm tits gallery. Imvu naked sex. Just don't allow yourself to come in contact with those kind of people if you don't want to deal with them. Posted January 15, Especially since a lot us adults go there to get away from non-sense like what goes on here in SW.

You can meet people from around the world without ever leaving your house. What's on your mind? People swear like a sailor on this game. Haven't you read the other thread bout the guy asking Is smallworlds being Sexiast. IMVU does not control what its users talk about, including swearing and sexual themes. Posted April 2, It was the best day of my life. Yoruichi shihōin nude. However, not everyone using the site is using it for ERP or other similar activities, and it's even more uncommon among teens.

I better get something good for this Mitch:

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