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The loud house lesbian

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People are who they are and they love who they love.

Even if the love letters were the parents' idea, this would help everyone, especially Luna, become more confident. Milf slow fuck. Join this Amino to read more! When we're young, media provides many of our first introductions to romance, sexuality, and identity, and since most of the media is cisnormative and heteronormative, our perspective is really limited.

I hope Luna sets up a role model and gives out courage to those who need one in real life. Which one am I? It's confirmed that Luna likes Sam. Her Advice is uniformly chill coyoterom and I made this.

And I think that was partly because of the media I grew up with. The loud house lesbian. In one episode she was the only one to drink a soda pop while everyone had juice boxes, and and in another she was the only one sitting on the chair when the entire loud sisters went in Lincoln's room.

The loud house lesbian

Luna Loud has woken up, and went downstairs. And then her super mega homoness killed everyone. A spin-off with the working title Los Casagrandes is in the works by Nickelodeon. Megan June 17, at 8: Leni's crush was also the only one who wasn't a male copy-paste version of the one crushing on them. The Loud House is also breaking other diversity barriers in other ways. Girl orgasms on roller coaster. Some lesbians have guy crushes before they come out, but others don't.

In general reference it's reduced to its last lines "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Ok guys that is my blog tell me if you got confused the first time you watched this episode leave a comment down in the description and I will see you later. Loud and so he shows his sisters the letter and all of them are thinking it is for one of them, the girls are thinking of the guys that might have given them that letter and Lincoln is thinking that Ronnie-Anne gave him the letter.

They shared a quick glance as they spooned their ice cream, and they new that they were both thinking the same thing. To continue publishing, please remove it or upload a different image. It shouldn't have to be. Submit a new link. I think that's an awful outlook.

Having Luna have a reoccurring girlfriend is telling kids what to do, but Lincoln and Lori can have straight relationships and that isn't? Idk why people also ship Carol Pingrey and Leni Loud.

Log in Sign Up. Inspired by their parents' love story, the Loud kids decide to send love letters to all their crushes, including Luna, who bashfully slips a letter into her crush's locker at school. Neither of the sisters are paying much thought to their activities. Is angela davis a lesbian. She started jumping up and down like she just scored the greatest victory in mankind.

We should go to them!

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A spin-off with the working title Los Casagrandes is in the works by Nickelodeon. I forgot about the ep.

The third letter comes and mentions music and a love of all things British, so the siblings decide excitedly that the letter is definitely for Luna and help her get ready for her date with Sam.

Xendyl Xendyl 10 months ago 8 isn't it bi? Luna Loud from The Loud House who is bisexual. Super huge tits. But the creators didn't stop there! I said that Luna should have an episode that focuses on her in season 2 which she kinda does. That happens to me sometimes.

I really like Luna's character my top 3 are Lynn Jr, Lincoln and LunaI'm a big fan of almost all the songs she references in her dialogue. The show's highest-rated episode, with 2. Luna is the type of character I can almost imagine hanging with out in real life, jamming to The Donnas.

Anyway, Sam reads the letter and when she gets to the end she smiles, and Luna smiles from around the corner, knowing Sam likes her back. Though, I won't lie, I kinda hope they do a formal coming out to the family episode for her, either with Lincoln finding out and doing his best to hide her relationship with Sam until Luna's ready to tell the family and utterly failing at his job or something more heartfelt.

It's never happening again.

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Is she the tomboy one? L is for Love 1. I support Luna's decision, but it threw me off when I saw that Sam was the girl. The loud house lesbian. And not just that. Lesbian monster girls. Sometimes I wonder how my life would be different if shows like Steven Universe were on when I was little.

The historical moment of LGBTQ representation, in which Lincoln is seen waiting for his friend Clyde McBride and his parents to make an entrance, turning to the audience fourth wall-style and announcing the McBride family with: Kids shows shouldn't be afraid to show kids it's okay to be gay by having characters their age be out of the closet. But hey, more LGBT representation in cartoons is always a plus. Usually the most boisterous member of the Loud family, rocking out with her guitar as often as possible, in this episode, Luna is quiet and reserved, and self-conscious when it comes to her crush Sam.

Of Course Stormer and Kimber are Gay: The Loud House s American animated television series s American comedy television series s American LGBT-related television series s Nickelodeon shows American television series debuts American children's animated comedy television series American children's television sitcoms English-language television programs Animated children's television sitcoms Flash television shows Flash cartoons LGBT-related animation Nicktoons Television series about siblings Television series about friendship Television shows set in Michigan.

That was an amazing episode! The characters of Howard and Harold McBride have received praise for being a positive representation of a married same-sex couple. Luan's sheets were soaked, as both were extremely wet. Add user to Ignore List after reporting.

Luna slowly gets off the purple beanbag chair in the corner of the room, and slowly starts walking towards Luan who is on her bed, both giving a horny smile to eachother.

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