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Wrap your pinheads around that one. I'll do my best to use it next time I'm caught in a compromising position, but can you imagine if federal agents had approached Eliot Spitzer and "Kristen" about their hotel room tryst and they both replied, "Oh, that?

Please enter the letters from the image below: I check it out one or two times every day. Christy lee all girls garage nude. Carol burnett lesbian. I see the link, now that I've quoted your post. She made me laugh when I was a teen ager, which was not a time with much laughter. Women did not have that proof. Guest Dec 16 I just want celebs to be out before they're middle aged. I want to see if I can remember him Speaking of Time Magazine, according to this Telegraph interview the magazine once described her as "'everybody's tomboy tennis partner and their daughter, sister and mum'" before baring her breasts in Edwards' SOB finally sexualized her image.

Wow, Marys' heads are poppin in this thread. Johnson's Inaugural Gala, sparking rumors that they were a lesbian couple. Anyway, within a couple of months' time, I realized quite honestly- and with great relief-that I was not a homosexual.

They are only interested in promoting the idea that every woman is completely straight. Video lesbian hentai. But then when someone like Mercedes de Acosta says she slept with Greta Garbo, it's not good enough it's "what if she was lying - maybe she just fantasised about Garbo". Like Purple Clover on Facebook. Posted by The Cranky Lesbian at 6: Yes i've read that about Hepburn, i don't believe it.

In her book where she freely admits to falling in love with a girl in college, she plays every possible hint of hetero passion to the hilt to the great and unmasked amusement of the journalist profiling her. Ugh you're welcome LC'ers, I'm not OP but I've been spending the past few days wringing crap out of my theater and society friends and wasted so much damn time looking shit up online to find evidence or proof of what they said affirmations and elaborations on what OP said.

Follow Purple Clover on Twitter. Maybe thats what your thinking about? Producer Ray Stark even downplayed the tune "Tomorrow" because it was "corny" -- but "cuted up" the scrappy titular character. Born to a pair of alcoholics on the fringes of showbiz, comedy icon Carol Burnett and her half-sister were dumped with Grandma Mabel as little girls, to be raised in a low-income boarding house on Hollywood's skid row.

Here, I'll give you some nails so you can crucify me. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. The lawsuit was settled out of court. Yup, I was right. Sexy farm girls fucking. Costume designer Bob Mackie's inspired sight gag is now permanently housed in the Smithsonian Museum.

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Have you seen the Playboy interview of Blake and Julie? We have a winner! But was she also a lover?

But I've never sniped at anyone in terms of sexuality. No, I'm too analytically trained to let that hang me up. Dominatrix lesbian strapon. Musto knows that a million celebs are gay see his blind items but doesn't name names; but he feels no compunction about saying that here McKellen named Julie Andrews. Carol burnett lesbian. Because, while we still fight about the meaning of feminism, and the function of comedy in mainstream culture, Burnett was out there and doing it: To me its obvious that Kate was lesbian, same with Stanwyck.

And I don't have link stuff for the rest but I guess the York thing was blown up big time by Riedel after she did some interview on the radio where she kind of said something like that but he wasn't with the Post then so his articles aren't still available online. Producer Ray Stark even downplayed the tune "Tomorrow" because it was "corny" -- but "cuted up" the scrappy titular character.

Yeah it's a surprise if they're not lesbophobic. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. What about Davis entices gay men? Despite the open marriage, Joan and Franchot did care for one another. Members Member 11, Joined: Or am I getting confused with someone else? A question about being lesbian or bi?

Blake Edwards always looked gay, and there is something odd about Julie - she never seems to wear a dress or try to look feminine.

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That is the sound of nobody caring. Big tits mom forced. Burnett, 83, took a break to sit down after a while while a stage hand brought out flowers and a table. Guest Dec 17 I believe in a thread where stanwyck is caught on recording badmouthing Crawford. Posted by The Cranky Lesbian at 6: Thank goodness I've read to the contrary since then, with his family being open about it.

I don't think it was random gossip though. I liked it R They have a daughter together but enjoyed an open marriage. Quote from one of my friends "they're kind of like

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